> THE BIG WHITE LIE, 2004/'05

yellow schoolbus-gloss on canvas120x18Ocm'05
angels at my table-gloss on canvas,120x180cm'05
prisoner-gloss on board,90x90cm'04
boy-gloss on board,60x120cm,'04
captive-gloss on canvas,120x180cm,'04
falluja-emulsion on canvas,182x222cm,'05
the big white lie-oil on paper,'05
tomorow-oil on paper,'05
THE WORKERS-gloss on canvas, 153x...'2005
RATS- gloss on paper,150x180cm'05
FALLUJA - detail
ICELAND-gloss on canvas,183x183cm'05
mickey,gloss on canvas,183x243cm'05
the truth is looming-oil+metal on canvas,183x213cm'05
YELLOW BUS- oil on paper, 153x220cm'05
RATS - projection,approx3mx3m'05