> WAR GAMES- 2003

ANGELS AT MY TABLE- gloss on paper,150x240cm,'04
MORTAL DANGER-gloss on paper,150x240cm'03
TANGERINE TANK- gloss on paper,150x240cm,'03
just doing my job - gloss on paper, 153x240cm,'03
RED SNOW-installationshot'03
reading the paper - installationshot,'03
RED SNOW-surprise-gloss on paper,150x240cm,2003
RED SNOW-into action, gloss on paper,150x240cm2003_2
RED SNOW-on a mission,gloss on paper150x240cm2003_2
RED SNOW-the sermon,gloss on paper150x240cm2003_2
among the believers,gloss on paper,153X240cm
three wise men,gloss on paper,150x240cm'04
RED SNOW-installationshot'03
RED SNOW-installationshot'03
RED SNOW-installation shot '03
RED SNOW-installation shot '03
TROUBLE- rescue operation 182x243cm,gloss on canvas,180x
TROUBLE-fleet-183x243cm,gloss on canvas,'03
TROUBLE-tangerine tank 183x243cm-gloss on canvas, installationshot
TROUBLE-each time...183x243cm,gloss on canvas,'03
TROUBLE-installation shot'03
sharjah-studded fields,installationshot'03
sharjah,studded fields,installation shot'03
sharjah, installationshot,'03