within- oil on canvas,254x203cm
 the lost space-installationshot
Electra - oil on canvas,2mx3m
Enclosure, oil on paper
 threesome oil on canvas,218x172cm
egyptian sunrise-160x182cm
blind date-218x173cm
 penetration,oil on canvas,254x200cm
Resurection,oil on canvas, 244x200cm
 Aftermath,oil on canvas,254x280cm
cemetary- oil on canvas, 220x173cm
on the edge of the sea- oil on canvas,168x183cm
darkness at noon-oil on canvas-220x173cm
moratorium, oil on canvas,200x253cm
black boat,oil on canvas,220x173cm
resurection- installationshot
bloodwedding,oil on canvas,254x200cm
the lost space,oil on canvas,190x173cm
swansong,oil on canvas,254x200cm
so close,oil on canvas,206x201cm
 gust,oil on canvas,206x201cm
 three graces,oil on canvas,206x201cm
colic,oil on canvas,190x173cm
drops,oil on canvas,190x173cm
fireball,oil on canvas,218x172cm
cry wolf,oil on canvas,242x211cm
convulsion,oil on canvas,190x173cm
within,oil on canvas 254x203cm
aftermath installationshot
nightburial,oil on canvas,190x173cm
 funnel- 190x173cm
prey,oil on canvas,218x179cm
appollos nose,oil on canvas,148x68cm
breakage,oil on canvas,170x168cm
Where abouts,oil on paper